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How We Excel in Marathon Medical Corporation Services?

At Medical and Safety, Inc., we are aimed at making sure that the runners’ safety is kept as an utmost priority. Not only do we make sure to use every resource at our disposal to ensure that the runners and the spectators stay out of harm’s way! To provide the sheer safety of the runners and spectators, the experts at Medical and Safety, Inc. make sure that the team of medical professional camps is installed along the course. The medical experts at Medical and Safety, Inc. take pride in serving for the Marathon Medical Events as they are an utterly selfless cause! This is to ensure that the entirety of the course, in need of emergency, gets sufficed at the earliest! Our superior medical services include:

  • On-route medical stations
  • Mobile Medical Team on motorcycles and bicycles
  • Medical transportation Vans

As the trend of Fundraising Marathons has gained deliberate spotlight over the past couple of years, the number of participants taking part in these events is increasing day by day; trying to make a difference in this world of selfishness by helping others in need! While these events are generally harmless in nature, but the safety concerns that are associated with it are legit to the very core, especially since the non-experienced marathon runners have stared participating vividly! Although the medical concerns that occur during the marathons are usually minor in nature, as more and more people take part in these events, the risk of these incidents to occur has significantly multiplied!

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