AED/CPR/First Aid Training

Excelling in AED, CPR, First Aid Training in Southern California:

Knowing how absolutely CRUCIAL it is for everyone to be familiar with the First Aid Training, the experts at Medical and Safety, Inc. know what it takes to suffice the growing need of helping others at a time of need! With our preeminent First Aid CPR, AED, Online Training, it gets incredibly convenient. Not only are our First Aid Training in Southern California cost-effective, but it is also equipped with the courses that are strategically designed to cater to the learning needs of the following:

  • Professional Rescuers
  • Healthcare Service Providers
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Doctors
  • Safety Personnel
  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Airline Employees
  • Life Guards

Why Are Our Courses Preeminent For CPR and AED Training in Southern California?

There is a reason why our courses for AED and CPR Training in Southern California are regarded as the most preeminent ones. If you’ve been wondering the reasons, here are what you need to know:

  • We Are The Most Trusted: We have professionally trained over millions of people in life-saving skills
  • We Are Extremely Convenient: We are really easy to get acquainted with! It takes seconds to get registered online
  • We Are Highly Flexible: Our courses are offered both in-person and group training options

After you have been acquainted without courses, you can expect yourself to have command on the following aspects of the First Aid EMS:

  • How to effectively use the EMS system
  • How to recognize breathing patterns
  • How to assess for cardiac arrest
  • How to decrease the risk of a heart attack and many more good aspects.

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