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34 Years of Exceptional Event Planning and Medical Staffing Service

Medical and Safety, Inc. started by covering small venues and events. But due to increasing demand, we began catering to large concerts and festivals. Today, we cover approximately 1500 events a year and have developed a team of medical professionals that can handle all forms of accidents, health issues and disastrous situations.

  • Event Medical Staffing

    Our professionals are qualified in dealing with medical emergencies at various special events. Be it sports,... at different sporting events.Read more

  • Sporting Events

    We offer pre-hospital medical services to participants, attendees and staff at different sporting events. at different sporting events.Read more

  • Concerts and Special Events

    Our ER teams are equipped to deal with any injuries or illness that may occur at concerts.

    at different sporting events.Read more
  • Corporate Events

    Medical and Safety, Inc. has personnel that specialize in providing quality medical service to corporate eve... at different sporting events.Read more

  • Marathons

    To handle emergency situations during marathons, we set up aid stations that has sections for sports medicin... at different sporting events.Read more

  • Planning and Consultation

    We can help you organize a successful event that will be free from any safety concerns. Our personnel will a... at different sporting events.Read more

  • AED/CPR/First Aid Training

    Using our experience and knowledge, Medical and Safety, Inc. will train your staff to perform CPR, First Aid... at different sporting events.Read more

  • Personnel

    Our staff may include levels such as an EMT, Nurse, Physician Assistant (PA) and Doctor. Since all events ar... at different sporting events.Read more


Sufficing Your Emergency Medical Service Needs

Medical Services in Southern California for small venues and events. But with the sheer experience and diligence towards our duty, our Emergency Medical Services in Southern California made us the epitome of Medical Assistance that we are today! Today, we are known as the FINEST providers for Local EMS in Southern California! Our immense experience, professionalism, and dedication towards our duty have allowed us to successfully cover over 1500 events every year.

From First Aid Events to Corporate Events, Medical and Safety, Inc. Has Got A Solution For All

To maintain high standards, our staff is certified and updated on the latest procedures & protocols of EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority). They are also proficient in using different treatments and equipment of emergency care to make sure that the safety of your event is not compromised at all! What’s more to our superior services is that our staff has all the right tools to identify safety issues at venues that can cause injury, illness, or death! With our team of professionals by your side, it matters not if you’re looking for a First Aid Event in Southern California,

Your Solution To Preeminent Event Medical Services

With our professional services to cater to the Event Medical Services in Southern California, we began providing too many more significant events like concerts and festivals. Medical & Safety, Inc. utilizes innovative personnel management and scheduling system to ensure that all the staffing needs are filled by certified, competent, and courteous emergency medical personnel. We make sure these individuals are prepared and trained in customer service, facility operations, knowledge of the venue, and client expectations, making sure that you are provided with the services that are par excellence! Our conduct is dictated by our principles and ethical codes, which are to serve life, alleviate suffering, and provide medical services with respect and dignity. By following this ideology, we are striving to grow and become the top name in event medical services

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