Medical and Safety, Inc.

Event Coverage: Frequently Asked Questions

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Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Medical and Safety, Inc. has treated thousands of people across different events. It’s better to prepare for any medical emergencies beforehand rather than taking a reactionary approach. After all, you do not want to risk the safety and health of your participants.

Medical and Safety, Inc. has been in the event care business for over 30 years. Our staff is regularly updated on the latest safety standards, health risks and medical equipment. In addition, we provide the highest level of customer service in our industry.

An ambulance may or may not be required based on the risk assessment. If not required, we will bring the necessary equipment and supplies to your event, or may utilize a mobile first aid unit.

Most of our clients do not need to pay in advance. However, in some cases the customer will be required to pay an advanced deposit, particularly for larger events.

It’s advised to have at least two event health staff at the location. However, the number can be increased based on the scope of the event. We will conduct a comprehensive risk analysis of your location and recommend the number of staff and the equipment required.

Starting in 1984, we have provided medical services to over 1400 events a year covering 15 million people. We have covered events in Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Greek Theatre Los Angeles, Honda Center Anaheim, and Staples Center Los Angeles among many others.

Ideally, clients should inform us 30-60 days before the event, depending on the size and scope. However, Medical and Safety, Inc. can accommodate on short notice.

The price will vary depending on the qualification level of the members requested and type of equipment and vehicle provided. You can contact our representative to discuss the pricing.